Things you should not forget when tornadoes strike


Tornadoes are wild forces of nature. Once unleashed, nothing can stop them, so the best thing you can do in case it occurs in your area is to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe. Be aware of the fact that this is an actual threat; inside a tornado the wind speed exceeds 360 km/hour and because of this it can destroy everything in its way.

Generally, this natural disaster happens during spring. You may never know when and where a tornado might strike because many American states are threatened by this phenomenon. For emergency cases, it is important to know some basic survival rules.

Dr. Greg Forbes, a severe weather expert at The Weather Channel, and NOAA’s Storm Prediction Centre tells us how to take care of ourselves when a tornado is about to strike.

  1. The first thing to do is find a safe place where you can stay and that is not under the storm’s reach. A mobile house or driving the car is not a good shelter, so you would better get out of them and find another refuge – for example, a sturdy building.
  2. Don’t stay near windows and get underground

Wherever you are, stay as far away from windows as possible. Even if a tornado doesn’t hit your house after all, the wind coming from it could shatter the windows, hurting all those near it. A good option is to go underground, either in a basement or storm shelter. If you don’t have this possibility, head towards the lowest floor of your home.

  1. If a tornado threatens to strike while you are on the road, look for a safe building and take shelter. If you can’t find one, hide inside a ditch, get down and cover your head. Also, go as far as possible from the vehicle, because it can get bumped into you.
  2. If you are at home, wear shoes and a helmet

If severe weather is threatening to strike and you are at home, you should be prepared for the worst. In this case, it is better to have your shoes and a bike helmet on. These two items can keep safe by preventing an accident like head trauma because of a direct hit from a flying object or stepping in some nails or broken glass.

  1. Your pets are members of the family, so keep them on a leash or in a carrier and take them with you in a safe place.
  2. It is important to know some severe weather terms. If you can make the difference between a thunderstorm and a tornado it is a lot easier to understand which safety measures are applicable.
  3. If you find out that your area is about to be affected by this type of storm, buy some flashlights. You have to be prepared in case the electrical system is damaged and you run out of electricity.

In general, tornadoes pass as fast as they arrive, but they can cause serious trouble. If you follow some safety rules, you will get through it.


Fun facts about violins


Every instrument has its own particular history which also involves bizarre, unbelievable and rather random facts! And this is the case with violins too. But before we go on, let’s settle a couple of things, so we are on the same level when it comes to definitions.

However, first things first. What is a violin? It is a stringed instrument, whose number of strings varies according to the manufacturer and the type of device you need for a certain performance. It is believed that it has its roots in the vielle, which was a musical tool common in Medieval Europe, which was born from the Byzantine lyra.

The violin as we know and love it today, originated in the middle of the sixteenth century, in bohemian Italy. Andreea Amati is commonly referred as being its first designer, a fact consolidated by the pictures of the instrument that surfaced in the same era and area he lived in.

At this time, in Italian and French documents, the word we use today for the instrument, ‘vyollon’ and ‘violino’ started to appear. By the end of 1556, the use of the violin was becoming more common in Europe.

Another cool fact is that the modern violin, a word which derived from the ancient Latin word “vitula”, or stringed instrument, came into existence because people thought the lyre was too heavy and too hard to be carried around, so they needed an alternative that sounded just as good.

While the violin stagnated in design and had not seen much of a visual transformation since the Italian artist first made it, Stradivarius came and took notice of the instrument and made significant structural and design changes to enhance and improve the sound and, alternatively, to expand the range of the musical instrument.

He enlarged the body by using bolder “f” holes, he heightened the bridge and extended the fingerboard. Moreover, he also added a chinrest which made playing the violin for extended periods much more comfortable. This was also the time when the gut strings were replaced with metal strings, for a sharper sound, contrary to the previous warm tone.

Violins are intricate pieces of art. It takes more than 70 pieces to build one, and it is usually made of wood. The most expensive violin ever was created by another Italian, by the name of Giuseppe Guarneri. This luxurious violin was the talk of the music world and appraised at a value that nowadays would exceed $18 million.

And the last fun fact I want to share with you is an underrated one. In 2010, the world record for the fastest violin playing was broke by Ben Lee. He is now the current record holder, and to set it he played “Bumblebee” at 15 notes per second in less than 58 seconds.

Cool facts about Yamaha


Many people know Yamaha as a huge company which manufactures a wide array of electronic devices as well as motorcycles, but did you know there is so much more about it? In fact, this Japanese conglomerate offers a big range of services and products, including musical instruments, electronics, sports equipment, and the famous and powerful motorbikes.

The company was founded 130 years ago, in 1887 and it is currently known as the biggest piano manufacturing company in the world. Here are some of the coolest and most interesting facts about this Japanese multinational company.


Inventor and musical instruments manufacturer

Currently, Yamaha is the largest manufacturer of musical equipment and instruments, offering a wide range of products, from drums to guitars, pianos and digital pianos, woodwinds, violas, violins, and others. So, if you’re an artist looking for new instruments, we hope that this article on digital pianos will help you understand why a product manufactured by Yamaha may be the right choice for you.

However, the company invested a lot of capital in researching too, so that it managed to become the first company to ever ship a CD recorder in 1989. Although that ship sailed a long time ago, the company remained well anchored in the customers’ needs and the constant innovations in the tech industry.

Probably this is why it continued to invest massively in developing new technologies as well as in its Music Foundation aiming to promote music education and the popularization of music.


Partnership with Toyota

The partnership between these two companies was established a long time ago and the fruitful collaboration became even stronger when a new agreement was signed in 2000. Both companies invested massively in developing new technologies.

Around the same time, Toyota announced it will buy a 5% stake in Yamaha Motor from Yamaha Corporation which is the main shareholder of Yamaha Motors. The value of the agreement was around 100 million dollars.

Yamaha already had a solid partnership with Toyota which supplied engines for different car models, including the popular Toyota RAV4, Supra, and Altezza (also known in the US as Lexus IS300). Yamaha was also an important engine supplier for the Ford Motor Company and teamed up with Toyota once more in order to develop smaller yet more powerful engines.


Investing in sports

Another interesting thing about Yamaha is that it supports a healthy lifestyle and promotes sports as much as possible. Apart from selling sports equipment, including clothes, the Yamaha group also has two distinct sports teams – Yamaha Jubilo for rugby, and Jubilo Iwata for football.

The rugby team’s most notable performance was coming second after the Toshiba Brave Lupus in the country’s Top League national rugby championship.